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Maskne - 5 Ways To Avoid It...

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Covid-19 Saw many of us try to embrace wearing a mask, but this can cause your skin to break out.

If you’re having trouble keeping your skin clear beneath a mask? You’re not alone.

“Maskne” is defined as acne or other skin irritations that result from wearing a mask.

Maskne and how to help it with Natural Skin By Lynne

When we perspire or if our skin is already a little bit oily, the pores get clogged under the mask. This causes a build up of bacteria, dead skin and excess sebum oil that can cause several skin conditions. In addition, some people get irritation just from wearing the mask itself!

Here are my Top 5 tips on how to prevent Maskne....

1. Wash your face - before and after putting on a mask and use an oil free water-based moisturiser.

2. Change your mask - often and keep it clean. Remove it via the straps/loops rather than touching the front of it. If it’s cotton, wash it frequently.

3. Make Up - Try not to wear makeup under the mask - It clogs the pores and the makeup rubs off on the mask and you just keep putting that mask on your face with old makeup.

4. Take a Break - If you have to wear a mask for hours at a time, go to a place where you can take it off for five to 10 minutes to allow your skin some time to breathe. Applying a little bit more moisturiser can also help at this point.

5. Comfort - if the loops of the mask are causing irritation to the skin around the ears, make sure your mask fits properly. If you need to adjust it, then do so. Also look to use cotton straps to tie the mask rather than elastic – many people who are allergic to latex can have a reaction to some elastics too.

For more information, help or advice on your skin please get in touch –

Your skin will thank you!

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