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My Top 5 Must Have Make Up Brushes...

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

In a world of an ever growing Beauty Industry, & the countless new products that hit the markets, my clients often find it hard to really understand what tools they should be using when applying make up.

Here are my favourite Top 5 Brushes and how they can be used for a flawless finish time after time....

1. Powder Brush - This is fabulous for picking up mineral powder & evenly distributing the right amount of powder to your face. You can also use this for Bronzing Powder & Translucent Powder/Finishing Powder.

2. Cheek Brush - I personally prefer the slanted type. This enables you to sculpt, enhance & highlight your cheek bones in a simple soft swoop. Angled to make control very easy compared to a standard straight brush.

3. Eye Shadow Brush - This type of brush fits naturally into the eyelids delicate contours & helps you to work the eye shadow around the eyelid rather than blotting it on.

4. Eye Crease Brush - Find one that is slightly angled, again to help with the application of eye shadow but also with the added benefit that it is much easier & quicker to do the 'Smokey' look from the edges.

5. Eye Smudger Brush - I love this brush. It is so versatile and as a result I use it for defining eye shadow, blending eyeliner & even applying lipstick to the lips.

So as you can see, although there are lots of different brushes and tools out there - I can easily achieve the look I want & that of my clients with only 5 key brushes.

What about applying Liquid Foundation I hear you thinking - well I prefer to use a Blending Sponge to apply this and then set or finish with a Mineral Powder depending on what sort of finished look we are going for. It is always your choice and if you prefer to use a Liquid Foundation Brush then add it to your cosmetic bag.

Have a read of my blog on Foundations and which type to use....

How Do I Clean My Brushes

I often get asked how to clean brushes & how often should we be cleaning them. So here are my personal answers to you:

1. I clean my personal brushes once a week - with normal shampoo in hot water.

2. I clean my professional client brushes after every use (if I am doing more than 1 face at the same time i.e. bridal party, then I wipe down the brushes with brush cleaner & then always deep clean them with shampoo when I get home).

3. Once you have cleaned the brushes, make sure you pat them as dry as you can get by hand, and then leave them lying on a flat surface to prolong the bristles. Some of my personal brushes I've had for over 19 years and they are still going strong...

Not sure which make of brushes to get? Well I use & would recommend Mary Kay Essential Brush Collection. You get 5 Brushes in a set with an amazing carry case for £40. You can add any other brushes you may want to use at a later date. Browse the collection here.

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